TwecoTong Electrode Holders

TwecoTong Electrode Holders

  • Copper Alloy Body 
  • Reversible Top and Bottom Insulators
  • Efficient 6-position Jaw Patterns
  • Ball-point Cable Connection

Available Options

A-316 (250Amp)
A-732 (300Amp)
Tweco Ground Clamps

Ground Clamps

Steel, Copper & Screw Type Ground Clamps

  • SGC-300 (300Amp)
  • GC-200 (200Amp) 
  • SGC-500 (500Amp)
  • GC-300 (300Amp)
  • GC-500 (500Amp)
Tweco Cable Connectors

Cable Connectors

MPC  Connectors

  •  Positive Cam Action Optimizing Interfacing
  •  Heat and Oil Resistance Covers
  •  Zinc Plated Cover and Ball-point Cable Screws
  •  Various Cable Capacities & Packages Available


Tweco Cable Lugs

Cable Lugs

TwecoLugs® Crimp & Solder Type

  • 50A, 70A & 90A Rating (Power Cable Lugs)
  •  Various Cable Sizes Available

T-40HD (325Amp)        
T-120    (225Amp)       
T-46      (90Amp)

Tweco Welding Cable

Welding Cable

Heavy Duty Rubber Insulated Copper Excelene Welding Cables in various sizes – 2, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 (25, 35, 50, 70, 95 Sq. mm).

Tweco Twin Hose

Twin Hose

Grade R Twin Line Hose (Green – Oxygen & Red – Acetylene)

• All Grade R hose has a non-oil resistant cover.
• Has a smooth cover and corrugated cover for added abrasion resistance.

• Twin line Hose are in length of 700’, 12.5’, 25’, 50’ & 100’.
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